Altress:  Completely Customized by YOU!

I am elated to bring this beautiful GROUNDBREAKING brand to all of my dedicated TSF'ers!  

Meet: Altress!  

Altress was founded by Kimberly Barasch after she spent a decade working in the apparel industry for major brands and observed the growing excess inventory crisis. Their made-to-order model makes them more sustainable because they do not have any inventory other than their raw materials. Completely CUSTOM, completely made for YOU!  Aside from being better for the environment, this "model" insures that you will have a dress uniquely YOUR OWN.  

I loved being part of the process of designing this beautiful dress you see below.  I have a thing for RED lately (you may have seen my 40th bday dress HERE).  When creating this showstopper, I channeled holiday events that I have on my calendar.  We attend at least 1/2 more formal events in December and this dress will be PERFECT for those.  You can check out the design process HERE. I found the process to be super easy.  When the dress arrived (roughly 2 weeks later) it fit like a GLOVE!  The length was a little longer on me than the model, but I think it is more "appropriate" for the events I have lined up. 

As for the quality, AMAZING!  As you know, I touch/feel/try A LOT of dresses as a full time personal stylist and this fabric is incredible.  All the dresses are made from a bi-stretch crepe fabrication and fully lined – meant to flatter/support while keeping you comfortable.  Little details, like the zippered sleeves make the designs really STAND OUT for me.  The dresses are not inexpensive, BUT totally worth it, as the styles are classic and the fabric is high quality insuring this piece will be hanging in your closet for a long, long time!  

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to email me 


Moschino Clutch HERE, Earrings HEREand shoes HERE