Memorial Weekend Outfit Ideas

Hi my fashion friends.  Long time, no blog!  I am elated to say, I have been insanely busy with box services and popup boutiques so the blog (always) takes a backseat. I hope you follow along on social media because honestly, that is where I post daily. If you don't.....

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I always make sure to share with my sons the meaning behind the holiday weekend. It it isn't a "celebration" but a way to HONOR those who have sacrificed for OUR freedom.  Freedom isn't free, and it is important to me that they know this life lesson. 
I had a few red/white/blue items arrive to the website and just wanted to style them up for all of you.  Memorial weekend (at least here at the shore) is usually a nonstop weekend filled with boat rides, BBQ's and small family/friend gatherings. 
Happy Shopping my fashion friends!  
Hat HERE,  White tee HERE, Joggers HERE
Navy Top HERE, Distressed Jeans HERE
White Tee HERE,  Kimono HERE
Similar Red Bodysuit HERE, Joggers HERE
Cutoffs (identical fit, lighter wash) HERE, Top HERE, Hat HERE
Top HERE, Shorts HERE, Necklace HERE, Bracelet HERE 
Shorts (almost sold out sadly) HERE, Top HERE