TSF and The Creatives Closet


I don't often review BOOKS here on the TSF website/blog but there is a first time for everything:)  This book, The Creatives Closet, is written by my stylist friend Monica Barnett.  She hails from DC and is a full time personal shopper/stylist with SO. MUCH. KNOWLEDGE.  

This book is the best $30 investment you could possibly make!  A serious in depth guide to evaluating YOUR personal style with step by step instructions on how to PURGE YOUR CLOSET and even better...WHAT TO BUY AFTER YOU DO!  If a Personal Stylist/Shopper isn't in your budget, this $30 book SHOULD BE!

I had some FUN with Monica recently on her IG- We went LIVE!  You can check that out over on IG HERE!!!!!