TSF and Skincare

 Skincare in my 40's (even though this is ThirtySomethingFashion) Ha!



I have blogged this line MANY times before.  Clearly, I love that it is ALL NATURAL but I also love that is it a women owned small business!  Us girls gotta stick together, no?  


Ya'll.  This lotion.  Dreamy creamy perfection.  I have dry skin so for me, this is so amazing.  Smells SO good.  I am currently using this as my daytime lotion and would apply this under makeup at the start of my day.



This one is literally IN MY PURSE to apply throughout the day.  Granted, I don't wear makeup most days, so I am not sure that everyone can apply as often as me BUT that is HOW MUCH I LOVE IT!  It literally looks like water when you pump it out of the dropper BUT it glides on super smooth and gives your skin that little "plump" of moisture and dew.  #givemeallthedew 



This is more of a "true" serum to me.   A little thicker than Dew Drop but equally as hydrating and fabulous.  I use this one morning and at night.  Highly recommend her serums.  I also love THIS ONE - not pictured!




I like to keep things painfully honest around here...so I will say, that I do still use my favorite "chemical inclusion" products for their intense anti-aging properties.  I don't think I will ever give up on these three products from Zo Skin Health. In my mid thirties- they literally turned back the hands of time from years of sun damage.  I also feel like these products keep the deep set lines at bay.  Above, is a photo of me completely makeup free at 40 years old- with about as much confidence as can come with #beingmakeupfreeAND40  



If you get one thing from this post, you might want it to be this.  Lifechanger.




This product stinks.  Like smells awful.  I use it at night 1 to 2 times a week and just tell the hubs to steer clear of kisses. BUT, it works.  It fades dark spots and evens your skin tone like no other.  You will most likely peel a bit in the beginning but I use this in the fall through late spring (skip it in the summer as I am in the sun and tan).  I give it credit for allowing me to be makeup free and not needing anything but a tinted cream when I do wear makeup. 



I use these 3 times a week after I cleanse my face at night.  They leave you feeling as clean as is humanly possible.  I can't use them every night as they do dry my skin a bit, but I still love the product.  It remains in my top 3 products with chemicals that I doubt I could ever let go.


Happy to answer specific questions, should you have them!  Just email Carly@thirtysomethingfashion.com




Some product was gifted but I only share what I love and all opinions are my own.