FINALLY Business as (sort of) Usual with TSF!

Gosh, it has been over a month since I last posted....this country, actually the WORLD has been in such a tragic, sad state and it has affected every aspect of life.  I have been soaking up the family time, doing my little part to keep the local community safe.  It has been hard, scary, and did I mention HARD?  Honestly, I had no idea how much I relied on the human connection.  Not being able to see sisters, parents, nieces, besties etc has been really really really difficult.  It has also been a great lesson in appreciation.  Appreciation for all the freedoms we often don't even think about.  

Through this difficult time, I have continued to style but ONLINE only, ceasing my in person appointments, closet makeovers and popups.  It just hasn't been the  same and most days  I miss the personal connections with all of you, the hugs of thanks when I make you feel confident and pretty. I am hopeful for some of that human connection to return locally in New Jersey this summer. #girlcandream

THANKFULLY I have the best clients EVER and you hail from all over this great country!  Weekly, I am shipping individual pieces and/or outfits from Colorado to Florida.  Locally, I am dropping to doorsteps from Ocean to Monmouth county. Have you seen my chic new PACKAGING?  So many of you have texted, emailed or messaged me about how my TSF mailers bring you literal JOY and that makes me smile!  It is truly heartwarming to feel the love from all of you....and it is even more special to know that I will most likely survive this pandemic and have a business that is stronger and BETTER THAN EVER when it is all over.  



Things are certainly STILL scary, confusing and strange BUT we are flattening the curve of positive cases in the US.  Hospitals and their staff are not as overwhelmed as more patients are discharged daily and slowly we are lightening restrictions of social gatherings, dining at restaurants and getting back to some kind of normalcy.  TSF is also gearing up for this.  I just up'd my clothing orders and met with a few of my brands to see if they could send me stock.  I am delighted to bring you SUMMER FASHIONS and hopeful I will be able to see some of you IN PERSON.  Until then, please note my TSF BOX SERVICE has started with my first shipment last week.  If you are interested in a Box of fashions for summer, please email me 

Consistently posting to FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAMso follow along if you like....Love, light and positive vibes from Jersey!  THANK YOU!!!!!!