Tips for Mixing Metals

As you know, I hosted a small style seminar on Monday and one of the ladies inquired about mixing gold and silver jewelry successfully.  I thought this was a great question and most definitely perfect material for a blog post.  Of course, this is just my humble opinion…as to what I think aesthetically works when mixing metals.  Truth is there really aren’t “rules”….but hopefully my tips have you rocking the trend with all sorts of confidence this fall!

Mixing Metals:

1.  Look like you are doing it on purpose.  For example, don’t wear one small dainty silver bangle with a mess of gold accessories.  The poor little bangle will get lost in the sauce and look like a mistake.  Each metal (gold or silver) should have an equal representation (or pretty close).

2.  Include one item that is mixed metal or two toned.  Example, a watch that is both gold and silver, a necklace that has both included or a bracelet.  This one piece sets the tone and allows you to add on silver and gold to your hearts content.

Some examples below!  Hope you find some style inspiration and HAPPY WEEKEND:)

How to Mix Metals
How to Mix Metals by thirtysomethingfashion featuring oasis shoes

Madewell v neck shirt / Juicy Couture slim jeans / Oasis shoes, $35 / Givenchy leather shoulder strap handbag / Stella & Dot stella dot bracelet / Michael Kors necklace / Stella & Dot pave bracelet
Mixing Metals
Mixing Metals by thirtysomethingfashion featuring a bracelet bangle

Karen Millen black bubble dress / Aéropostale quilted jacket / Vince Camuto high heel platform pumps / Yves Saint Laurent red patent leather purse / Marie Chavez mixed metals jewelry / CC SKYE bracelet bangle / CC SKYE bracelet bangle / Juicy Couture cubic zirconia stud earrings

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  1. […] Mixing metals is OK as long as you do it properly. For instance, you can wear different metal rings providing you keep them on different fingers. Silver on one finger, and gold on another for example. […]