Brand Highlight: Kate Moss for Longchamp

Very few can argue that Kate Moss is not a fashionista. I mean the girl defines the word “fashionable”. She always looks fantastic- most of the time in something that the rest of us would look ridiculous in.
Very few can argue that Longchamp does not make a great bag. The brand is synonymous with quality and craftsmanship.
A collaboration of the two would have to be incredibly fashionable and well made…….and it is! Introducing the Kate Moss for Longchamp Collection.

You know I like to give my history for those who aren’t familiar…..Longchamp is a french company that has been around since 1948. It started as a tobacco accessories company and then made the switch to small leather goods, then luggage, and the rest is history. In 1993, Longchamp launched the “Le Pliage” which is the third bag pictured. This bag has truly become the symbol of Longchamp.

Back to the Kate Moss collection…..My first pick is the Globorne. It is available in Nude (as pictured) and black and retails for $950.00. It is a business bag with zippered openings and interior compartments, designed to be carried on the shoulder. The interior is zebra print and the bag comes with a complimentary silk zebra scarf. I am LOVING this as a daytime bag for spring in Nude. Sort of rock in roll but soft enough for daytime as well.

My second pick is the Glastonbury. This messenger bag is available in Light Blue
(as pictured) Black and Nude and retails for $780.00 The interior is also zebra print and a complimentary silk scarf is included with your purchase. I am obsessed with the shape of this bag….Messengers are so “in” for spring. I also love the randomness of light blue (obviously much more classic/practical in nude or black). If you really think about it, light blue can go with alot for spring…and can brighten up an all black outfit.

Now I know my two above picks are a little pricey…therefore I wanted to give honorable mention to the Longchamp classic….the “Le Pliage”. This bag comes in too many colors to name and retails for $145.00. This is a great spring/summer bag….it is so lightweight but also strong enough to hold everything you need. Perfect for all day trips to the pool or beach. It is made of Nylon and has leather trimmings. This bag is a no brainer, total classic and reasonably priced.

All bags above are available at Visit and check out the entire Kate Moss for Longchamp collection and to view the regular collections for spring. Longchamp handbags are also sold at all your major high end department stores including but not limited to Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales and Nordstroms.

Happy Shopping!

Posted by Andrea Brusuelas

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