Easy Shorts for Summer!

A friend and reader asked for suggestions on looser fitting shorts for the coming HOT summer months.  She resides in my home state of Virginia, so instead of suggesting harder to find boutique brands (like I usually do) I popped by my favorite affordable online retailers.  In doing so, I stumbled upon these badboys from Old Navy.  Snatching them up for myself today- with a $15 price tag, I will most likely grab both colors.   In true TSF fashion, I can’t just send a link…I have to style them for you too!  So here you go Ann….hope they work for you!


Old Navy Shorts
Old Navy Shorts by thirtysomethingfashion featuring an anchor purse


Posted by Carly Walko

2 responses to “Easy Shorts for Summer!”

  1. Nice and easy! Considering we’ve already had some 100 degree days here in LA, I’m all about nice and easy!

  2. Lindsey says:

    cute. pick me up a pair. i will get you back.