B Toys: Review and Highlight

One of my boys favorite bath toys is the B. Toy Splish and Splash Boat. I seriously have to beg them to get out of the bath most nights and will often find the miniature “captain” chilling in Prestons crib….sneaky little snook.  So, I was delighted when B.Toys so kindly offered to send my boys some new items to try out.  I really do adore all of their toys.  They are vibrant, affordable, encourage creativity and learning and they are socially conscious using only recycled materials for packaging.  They also encourage toys are passed down from child to child and promise the toys are built that way.  I must concur, as many of Connors B.Toys are Prestons favs and when he outgrows them we always donate to Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Jersey.

For Preston I decided to go for the Wee MD!  I originally got this Toy for Preston (15 months), thinking in the coming months he will really love all the parts and have fun learning what they do. Connor (4) almost immediately jacked this toy and has become the resident MD of the house.  If you are alive, you will have a checkup- our dogs included.  Honestly, it has been adorable watching him listen to heartbeats and scribble on the notepad..saying things like “your heart is beating really really fast” and “this is going to hurt a wittle”….the moments to cherish for sure.14545325_201311261138For Connor I decided to get the Global Glowball. I liked the idea of introducing him to a globe that was fun and exciting.  It lights up and plays music from the countries that are highlighted.  Ironically, Preston likes this more…I suppose it is the lights, music and the fact that is looks like a “baaa” which is his current word for ball and he is obsessed with them.


I am ashamed to say we haven’t done much shopping for the boys.  The truth is they don’t need anything…and our toy room is bursting at the seams.  I spent some time weeding out the donations last week and gave away 4 bags full…and still I don’t think they need anything!  We plan to carefully select a few toys for each of them.  I know one item I really want is Ba Baa Barn for Preston.  I think it will be a great learning toy and our Little People barn has lost most of its parts unfortunately.  So, have you started your holiday shopping?  Will B.Toys be on your radar this winter?  I truly hope so!   B.Toys are available at Target and some specialty stores.  Click here to find out the closest retailer to you!

All for now….let me leave you with some candids of my boys enjoying their goodies……



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4 responses to “B Toys: Review and Highlight”

  1. Courtney Kraus says:

    Brayden LOVES the Ba Baa Barn, a big winner in our house! I’m a huge fan of this company, we (Brayden) lost all of the balls to the Whacky Ball set, so I contacted B Toys asking where I could buy replacements and they sent them to me for free – fantastic customer service!

  2. Abbey says:

    love B Toys for Sky. Love the Barn too! Perfect for teaching animal sounds!

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