All About ME August

August is kind of a preparation month for me.  Although I am quite obviously NOT heading back to school….I prepare as though I am heading somewhere.  I spend a lot of time researching trends for fall and planning what I need/want for my own wardrobe as well as what will be important for my clients.  This preparation is not limited to just clothing and accessories….. it encompasses all that has me looking and feeling confident.

So…this month, you will see a few posts titled, “All About ME August”.  I will be sharing things that I am doing for myself to have fabulous hair, skin, nails and makeup for Fall 2014!  This particular post is highlighting a few of my favorite products right now that will definitely be taking me confidently into fall.

*Remember, if I don’t love it, I don’t share it- I am not getting any commission but I was gifted product to try:)


LIPTOXYL by TicaBeauty

Have you used a “lip plumper” before?  I have.  I honestly can’t remember the brand I used to use, but I do know it was discontinued and I could no longer get it.  Majorly disappointed.  Although I don’t wear a plumper daily….for evenings out with friends, date night or special events I like to “amp” it up.  What better way than with a plumper!  I loved the color options (owner sent me three) and by mixing the two below colors (intrigue and starlet) I ended up with this soft orange/pink shade that I adore:)Your lips will feel fuller and sexy and it is not sticky or glumpy..its just…well perfect!




YOUNIQUE 3D Fiber Lashes

Recently, a friend invited me to an online mascara party- Between jewelry, sandals, skincare and now makeup- who isn’t having an online party?  Personally I LOVE to shop this way…convenience and trusted referrals from friends who are selling the product.  That said, I was skeptical but intrigued.  I love my voluminous mascara…and have never been swayed by another brand.  What is so awesome about this product…you use it WITH your existing mascara.

Goes like this:

1.  Curl lashes and apply thin coat of your preferred mascara.

2.  Apply the gel (which is black)  to your lashes once the above has dried.

3.  Apply the “fibers”

4.  Quickly reapply the gel to seal in the fibers.

The ONLY negative – and I don’t really want to go as far as to say negative- is that it can get a little clumpy as you apply.  I just used my trusted old mascara wand (that I washed clean and use for my eyebrows).  I used that to brush through the lashes while they are still wet and it worked perfectly.  I had someone ask me yesterday if I was wearing false eyelashes.  SWEET!  I won’t use this everyday…BUT for nights out, special events or when I just need a little something extra….its perfection.  The set is 29 dollars and lasts for 3 months:)  STEAL for enviable lashes!





BURT’S BEES Soothing Lotion

So, remember when I asked all of you on Facebook about a natural body lotion you loved?  I got so many amazing recommendations, I decided to go to Target (many of the brands you mentioned were there) and be one of those annoying and crazy people who unscrews the cap and smells the product.

Ironically, I thought Burts Bees had NO scent…but when I opened the bottle, it was deliciously fragrant, which was a prerequisite.  I love a great smelling lotion.  So all natural, no animal testing and delicious scent..this was a no brainer.  I was also happy to see it wasn’t ridiculously expensive.  Pricier than a “jergens” I suppose…but not over the top.  Very happy with the product and highly recommend you making the switch. Available for between 7 and 9 dollars at various retailers.  Scent I am reviewing is Aloe and Buttermilk.



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  1. These are such great tips thanks for sharing.

    I will defenitely remember this when I need a new lotion and the lashes look great!

    Enjoy a great day,

    xx Tamara Chloé

  2. alyson says:

    about to try that mascara and I’m SO excited… looks awesome! such a difference.


  3. Gregg Hoppe says:

    you got a very great website, Sword lily I found it through yahoo.